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AMD Radeon + NVIDIA GeForce GPU prices hit 6-month high, 83% over MSRP – TweakTown

GPU prices are pretty crazy right now and I’m sure you know all about it, but they’ve hit 6-month highs according to the latest pricing data.


The folks over at 3DCenter have compiled some considerable pricing and availability on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in Europe, with prices up big time. NVIDIA GeForce GPU pricing is up 70% while AMD Radeon GPU pricing is up over 74% MSRP.

GPU prices have been steadily coming down in Europe and other parts of the world since May 2021, but this is pushing into an upward trend right now and sees GPU pricing at a 6-month high. GPU supply is also looking healthier this month than it was in September, which is nice to see.

Don’t expect the price of GPUs to drop to “normal” levels any time soon, as we should expect supply issues and thus not normal pricing on graphics cards through to around this time next year. Hopefully, 2H 2022 looks better, but that’s 9 months of this insanity to go, at the minimum.